I use Inbox by Gmail on both my consultancy and Moodle email accounts. It’s revolutionised my email habits, because:

  • I’m prompted to follow-up on emails that haven’t had a response after three days
  • I can pin emails with an action to perform
  • The ‘snooze’ functionality takes emails out of my inbox and brings them back to my attention at a time I specify

That’s great for emails that I just need to reply to. But when there’s an action attached, I often have to then add that to Trello or another productivity tool.

So KanbanMail looks useful:


It does exactly what you think it would do:

How KanbanMail works

  • Emails start in the Uncategorized column
  • Drag an email to To-Do, Do Today or In Progress
  • Drag it to Done and feel great about yourself!

$12/month sounds a bit steep, but I might give it a try.