Where do you live when you can live anywhere? 

I’ve just been reflecting on a conversation with someone on Mastodon earlier this week. I don’t know his name, and can only infer that he’s UK-based from his tweets — especially as he’s using a German instance of the decentralised social network! That’s interesting in and of itself, especially at a time that for reasons of ‘security’ (and advertising) there seems to be a real push for our offline identities to be closely aligned to our online ones.

Running in Circles toot

The reason this ‘toot’ interested me was because as a family we’ve had reason to reconsider where we live over the past few weeks. I think we’ll stay put for now, for reasons I’m not going to go into (all good!) but it brought back memories of not moving to Gozo three years ago.

The list that ‘Running In Circles’ gives above makes me realise how fortunate we are in our current position. We don’t really have enough storage space outside, and I’d like more community activities that interest me, but where we live in Morpeth, Northumberland, ticks the rest of the boxes. I know my wife would like a bigger garden, one that allows her to see the kids playing from the kitchen window (which is at the wrong side of current house) but it was big enough for our barbeque yesterday!

It’s not up to me to judge, but I see so many people — parents of children who are friends with my kids, for example — striving for larger and larger houses. We live in a terraced house that we stumbled across when the move to Gozo fell through. We rented for the first few months but realised that it would be a great place to live on a longer-term basis. We’ve converted the roof, I’ve got an outside office, and in a quiet, leafy spot near the centre of town. It’s great.

So I guess the point of this point is to consider that what makes you and your family happy and healthy might not be what everyone else is striving for. It might not be covered by the default options provided by online property search websites…