Seth Godin:

[I]f someone in 1820 had lived at the pace we live in December 2019, she would probably have dropped dead from exhaustion.


Two things are true: The world is faster and crazier than it has ever been before. And the world is as slow and predictable as it will ever be again.

For me, 2010 was the decade of notification creep. That’s why, as we enter 2020, ensuring that I’m not bombarded by notifications on a constant basis is my top priority.

I was using Telegram as an alternative to (the Facebook-owned) WhatsApp before joining Moodle two years ago. For better or worse, a lot of what happens at Moodle takes place in Telegram channels.

Despite muting channels and other workarounds, that’s meant two years of my smartwatch buzzing to tell me someone’s trying to get in touch. Is it my wife asking me to pick up the kids? Or is it a colleague sending me a cat gif? The only way to know is to check.

So, after deleting Telegram off my phone during the festive period, I’ve convinced my family to switch to Signal. That means I’m now only using Telegram for work and, as such, there’s no need to have it on my phone.

Here’s to some deep thinking and a less anxious 2020!