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  • Doug Belshaw 8:30 pm on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    We are not greatly pleased by our friends respecting it good qualities of they also venture to perceive our faults.


  • Doug Belshaw 6:30 pm on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    If what help is anyone who can only be approached with the right words?

    Elizabeth Bibesco

  • Doug Belshaw 4:30 pm on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t hang around to be a setting sun. The sensible person’s maxim: abandon things before they abandon you. Know how to turn an ending into a triumph. Sometimes the sun itself, whilst still shining brilliantly, goes behind a cloud so nobody can see it setting, leaving people in suspense over whether it has or not. To avoid being slighted, avoid being seen to decline. Don’t wait until everyone turns their back on you, burying you alive to regret but dead to esteem. Someone sharp retires a racehorse at the right time, not waiting until everyone laughs when it falls mid-race. Let beauty astutely shatter her mirror when the time is right, not impatiently and too late when she sees her own illusions shattered in it.

    Baltasar Gracián

  • Doug Belshaw 2:30 pm on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Things depend on many circumstances, and what triumphs on one occasion, fails on another. But stupidity’s incorrigibility lies in the fact that it’s most groundless self-satisfaction flowers and its seeds sprout up everywhere.

    Baltasar Gracián

  • Doug Belshaw 12:30 pm on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The fool who had a good memory is full of thoughts and facts. But he does not know how to draw conclusions, and everything depends on that.


  • Doug Belshaw 10:30 am on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    More fortunes are hate by energy than by prudence.


  • Doug Belshaw 7:39 am on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply  

    Start of Lent: no sugar or alcohol 

    Let’s see how long I can manage avoiding refined sugar and alcohol. The aim is to get to Easter.

    I need to do something as this winter I’ve got out of shape 🙁

    Sharing the following from my Xiaomi smart scales as a public kick up my own backside…

    I’ll be using Loop Habit Tracker to mark my progress. The annoying thing at the moment is that I have to wear my glasses for a week due to Blepharitis.

    While I could still run and go to the gym wearing them, I’m too self-conscious to do so. Swimming isn’t an option either due to the risk of secondary infection to my eye.

    As ever, it’s much easier (and tastier!) putting on weight than taking it off. But I can totally do this. I’m ultimately aiming for 13 stone / 82.5kg, and would be happy if I got down to 13.5 stone / 85.5kg after these 40 days of Lent!

  • Doug Belshaw 6:30 am on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    No man is weak from choice.


  • Doug Belshaw 5:30 am on February 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Reason and emotion counsel and supplement each other. Whoever heeds only the one, and puts side the other, recklessly deprives himself of a portion of the aid granted us for the regulation of our conduct.


  • Doug Belshaw 10:30 pm on February 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t vaunt your good fortune. It is more offensive to flaunt your position than yourself. To play the important person is detestable; it’s enough to be envied. The more you look for esteem, the less you will have. It depends on another’s respect, and ask you can’t simply take it, but must earn it and wait for it from others. High positions require the right amount of authority and without this they cannot be properly carried out. Maintain the authority required to fulfill your duties; don’t exhaust this, bolster it. All who play the great person in their job show they don’t merit it and aren’t up to it. If you want recognition, let it be for your excellent qualities, not for incidental trappings, for even a king should be venerated more for his person than his position.

    Baltasar Gracián

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