Prizes for everyone

I never used to know why people (usually business-like, conservative types) would get so upset about things like schools not holding competitive sports days. What’s the big deal?

It’s only recently that I’ve come to realise that the whole system of neoliberal capitalism depends on competition. Politicians to the right of the spectrum have a blind belief in markets as the solution to everything and so, even if marketisation isn’t working, will intervene to make it look like it is.

Similarly, companies will enter themselves for bullshit awards — literally ones run by organisations who hand out prizes that they’re effectively paying for — just so that employees there can keep up the same narrative.

Thankfully, I think this is the generation that, because of the 2008 crash and because of the woeful ineptitude of our current batch of politicians, has seen through all that. I have high hopes for, if not a revolution, then incremental change in the way society’s attitude to the necessary of ‘competition’.