Deactivating Twitter

Update: just using @dajbelshaw to auto-tweet Thought Shrapnel stuff now.

I read this zine by Jay Springett and, for some reason, it was the final straw. After 12 years, I’ve deleted (well, ‘deactivated’, because capitalism) my Twitter account.

Now that Dai’s memorial service has passed, I’ve no real reason to be on there. Twitter has turned into a rage machine and I’m best away from it.

The future of social networking isn’t a single platform; it’s a series of platforms depending what you’re into. I’m just looking forward to the day when people realise the following:

  • Attention is finite
  • Centralised services suit venture capitalists and data miners, not humans
  • Social networks using the ActivityPub protocol mean you can have your cake and eat it too

I’ll still maintain the MoodleNet account, and may set one up to auto-post new content from Thought Shrapnel. But other than that, for me, Twitter has served its purpose and has jumped the proverbial shark.

I feel calmer already!