Keep on doing the right thing

A couple of pertinent quotations from my daily reading yesterday for those trying to keep on keeping on:

> “If you are doing what is right, never mind whether you are freezing with cold or beside a good fire; heavy-eyed, or fresh from a sound sleep; reviled or applauded; in the act of dying, or about some other piece of business.” *(Marcus Aurelius, ‘Meditations’, Book Six)*

I always find it amazing that a Roman Emperor took the time to write such things. Also, Seneca wrote this in exile:

> “Never have I trusted Fortune, even when she seemed to offer peace. All those blessings which she kindly bestowed upon me – money, public office, influence – I relegate to a place whence she could claim them back without bothering me. I kept a wide gap between them and me, with the result that she has taken them away, not torn them away. No man has been t y the blows of Fortune unless he was first deceived by her favours. Those who loved her gifts as if they were their own for ever, who wanted to be admired on account of them, are laid low and grieve when the false and transient pleasured desert their vain and childish minds, ignorant of every stable pleasure. But the man who is not puffed up in good times does no collapse either when they change. his fortitude is already tested and he maintains a mind unconquered in the face of either condition: for in the midst of prosperity he has tried his own strength against adversity.” *(Seneca, ‘On The Shortness of Life’)*

Still lots to learn from the Ancients. I need to get started (re-)reading Boethius next.