Twitter as a utility (for the privileged elite)

Warren Ellis ruminating on Twitter:

I sympathise with Joshua Topolsky when he says he conceived of Twitter as “a utility, a service so fundamental that I could imagine a scenario in which it was literally underwritten.” I felt similarly for some while. But let’s face it. It’s an internet service that enables entitlement, like any other, so fuck it. And, like anything else on the internet, the user should be able to bend it into whatever shape best fits their life, or abandon it entirely. Not that everyone who comes to that conclusion acts upon it: Nathan Jurgenson observes, on Twitter, that “people don’t quit Twitter because they don’t want to lose their followers – Twitter will end when it no longer houses social capital.” I keep my Twitter account alive for this reason, among others, even though only my bots actually post to its public stream.

I like the way Ellis works. Stuff that reaches the outside world passes through a few stages: his blog, newsletter, then finally through to books/comics. This is from his blog, where he’s at his most unfiltered.