Thinking out loud

Ice cave

I’ve learned not to make any life-changing decisions at this time of year. However, that doesn’t stop me from thinking things through and weighing things up. 

One thing I’ve found in life, which isn’t exactly groundbreaking or revolutionary, is that I’m at my happiest and my best when helping others to be likewise. In other words, it’s good for my mental health to be doing things that are of value to others. As a consultant, as someone self-employed, I also have a financial incentive to do this. To provide the maximum value to the maximum number of people. 

Right now, I’m thinking that my current web footprint needs corralling in a way that’s more easily-digestible to those who want to find out more about me and my work. Yes, I have a canonical landing page at which links out to other places, but sometimes even I take a while to find my own work! 

And then there’s the matter of my weekly newsletter. While, on the whole, I find putting it together a worthwhile endeavour, list growth for Thought Shrapnel is effectively stagnant. I’m considering retiring it from January to focus in more specifically on one or more topics. So, for example, instead of quite a lengthy newsletter with an eclectic mix of whatever interests me, perhaps something that just talks about edtech? I’m not sure.

What I do definitely value, and which I’d continue whatever my future online writing looks like, is having separate spaces for more and less-formed thoughts. I very much like Ian O’Byrne’s conceptualisation of having a main blog as well as a ‘B-side‘. 

Finally, getting back into the swing of maintaining a regular podcast and recording a new audiobook has opened my eyes to the benefits of going beyond text. The feedback we’ve had from TIDE in particular has made me realise that people have a different connection to you when listening rather than reading.

Image CC BY-NC-SA Greta PPP