Notes on Tim Ferriss’ 2015 podcast retrospective

Like many (literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of) people, I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss’ podcast. In fact, it was one of the reasons I wanted to start podcasting again with Dai Barnes.*

As well as interviews with people at the top of their game, Tim also releases ‘inbetweenisodes’ – episodes that are shorter in length and focus on his own advice. He released one of these at the end of last year entitled 25 Great Things I Learned From Podcasts Guests in 2015.

The show notes on Tim’s blog don’t (as far as I can tell) include these 25 great things as bullet points, so I thought I’d share the notes I made here. I may have missed some things, but it’s a decent overview.


Matt Mullenweg

  • listen to one track on repeat when writing/coding

Dominic D’Agostino

  • eat canned sardines and oysters for breakfast
  • use synthetic ketones when fasting
  • make keto ice cream (1-2 cups coconut/sour cream, 1 tbsp cocoa, pinch of salt, some Stevia, pinch of cinammon, 1tbsp heated coconut oil)

Jocko Willink

  • “Discipline is freedom” (e.g. bookmarking your day with workouts)

Dan Engle

  • try two-hour sessions in floatation tanks twice per week
  • experiment with microdosing substances that would be halluciogenic at full doses (helps with anxiety)

Wim Hoff

  • ‘breath work’ can replace coffee in the morning (30 breaths, strong inhale, moderate exhale)
  • try extended ice baths (5-15 mins) with ice/water up to nipples for first 10 mins, then submerge everything except hands/head for last 5 mins.

Robert Rodriguez

  • get into journaling, through the 5-minute journal and/or morning pages
  • quotations from Francis Ford Coppola: “Failure is not durable”, and one about how the things that get you fired early in your career are the things they give you lifetime achievement awards for at the end of it.

Tara Brach

  • “invite Mara to tea” (i.e. don’t suppress negative emotion, but recognise it)
  • read her book Radical Acceptance

Rick Rubin

Laird Hamilton & Gabrielle Reece

  • try the Chaga mushroom as it’s a kind of superfood
  • read Natural Born Heroes
  • go first and be proactive, improve other people’s day (e.g. say hello, make eye contact)

Stan McChrystal

Bryan Johnson

  • ask yourself: ‘what could I do that would be remembered in 200-400 years?’

Rhonda Patrick

Samy Kamcar

  • use OKCupid’s ‘best face’ feature to find the best image of yourself to use online

Derek Sivers

  • avoid lukewarm responses – it’s either ‘hell yeah!’ or no
  • “if you say you’re busy, your life is out of control” (and this leads to sloppy decision-making)

Alex Blumberg

  • try and create authentic moments of emotion (e.g. humour) for audiences through steps/questions such as “tell me about a time when…”

Marc Goodman

  • put some electrical tape on the inside of your hotel room peephole and laptop webcam to avoid being secretly filmed

Tony Robbins

  • use the ‘Dickens process’ to identify your limiting beliefs/behaviours: we shouldn’t just look at the rewards of action, but the costs of inaction

Neil Strauss

  • open up and be vulnerable to people you’re about to interview while warming up, and they’ll reciprocate

Kelly Starrett

  • try the ChiliPad, a thin sheet on one side of the bed to keep you at optimum temperature (as men and women heat/cool differently)

Jon Favreau

  • “don’t aim for funny, aim for truth”

Naval Ravikant
– read Sapiens: a brief history of humankind (synopsis of many complicated subjects)

Jamie Foxx

  • “what is on the other side of fear? Nothing.”
  • use a pull-up bar for an easy way to stay in shape (try a move called the ice-cream maker)

B.J. Novak

  • more important than planning for next year is performing a retrospective on last year
  • if you find  yourself saying “but I’m making good money” then you’re probably not in the right place (money can be earned back, time can’t) 


* see our TIDE podcast