My monthly Revue

Apart from a brief dalliance with TinyLetter, I’ve always sent newsletter via MailChimp. TinyLetter is now owned by MailChimp anyway. Recently, I came across a pretty new service called Revue, which I’m experimenting with this time around for my monthly Dynamic Skillset newsletter. You can view the newsletter, and sign up for future ones here.

What I like about it is that Revue makes it so easy to create newsletters. There’s nowhere near the amount of customisation that you get with MailChimp. Nor does it have features that hook into other services. What it does do, it does extremely well. In fact, I had my credit card out within five minutes of using it! I’m currently paying $5/month to use it in an unrestricted way for up to 1,500 subscribers. It’s a no-brainer.

The reason Revue is so great is that it connects to your social media profiles and RSS feed(s) from your blog(s) and then allows you to drag-and-drop into the main interface. It’s a bit like Storify in that regard. You can also add links, images, and text directly. It basically takes all of the hassle out of newsletter creation.

I still like to be able to customise my weekly Thought Shrapnel newsletter more than Revue allows – especially as I have sponsors. But for everything else, Revue is great.