Minion mindsets

Minions gif

Until hijacked by the merchandising machine of the film of the same name, ‘minion’ had a very different — and somewhat infernal — connotation. It was (and is) used to describe the unthinking servants and followers of a nefarious overlord. 

I was reminded of this after reading a much-shared article entitled Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess. The first point made in that article is an excellent one, namely that you are the biggest barrier to your own success.

The real game of life is completely internal. There really are no big, bad enemies who exist to make you suffer. There is no absolute right or wrong move that a certain opponent can punish. And your score can increase to infinity, if you just push yourself harder. Your life score can increase slowly or quickly, depending on how hard you push yourself.

I know people who say that something is not possible because of their partner/boss/other. I have been that person. In reality, the enemy is within, manifesting itself in what I’d call a ‘minion mindset’. 

I’ve got more to write on this, but I’ll leave it there for the time being. The reasons why we self-sabotage in life fascinate me.