I’ve started adding people on Facebook

I’ve had a Facebook account for years. In fact, I can remember when you had to have an academic email address to use it. 

There used to be a marked difference between Facebook (evil ad-displaying empire) and other places like Twitter. Unfortunately, as everything seems to be a race towars the bottom these days – and as Facebook owns the only viable alternative to Twitter (i.e. Instagram) there’s no reason for me not to use it any more. Any principles I thought I was demonstrating by preferring Twitter have now been negated since it became software with shareholders.

So if you see a friend request from me on Facebook, it’s legit. I’m not looking to spend a lot of time on there. I’ll probably use it a lot like I use LinkedIn – as a place I keep up-to-date, connect with people who prefer that service, and push out stuff I publish in spaces I have full control of.