I woke up to a different world this morning

I arrived in Denver yesterday to present and run a workshop at a couple of events. That means there’s a seven-hour time difference between here and UK time, so I was awake at ~5am BST when the BBC announced that it was mathematically impossible for to win.

Lots of people have shared their thoughts and feelings, but it’s sentiment as opposed to facts that got us into this mess. I’m just going to share the following graphic that appeared in my Twitter stream thanks to Sarah Horrocks:

I think the best we can hope for now is:

  1. General election called
  2. Article 50 trigger postponed until results of general election
  3. Labour win
  4. Negotiations with EU
  5. Second referendum

Oh, OK then, one bit of opinion. This comment on the Financial Times website (discovered via this tweet) seems to have got things about right: 

Comment on FT website

I feel like I don’t even know my countrymen (including members of my own family) any more. How could they vote for something so backwards, so xenophobic, and so likely to impoverish future generations?