I left Facebook (again) yesterday

Facebook is not progressive

I first signed up for Facebook when it was accessible only to those who had university email addresses. I left when it started becoming popular in 2007. Then, sometime around 2011, I decided to re-join. Yesterday, tired of Facebook’s business model and role in shaping many things I think are wrong in the world, I deleted my account again.

I’ve always been uneasy about Facebook’s business model, but this week, in the wake of the US Presidential Election result (which, in turn, followed the horrors of ‘Brexit’) I read/listened to the following:

For me, leaving Facebook wasn’t a huge wrench, as it might be for others. That’s because:

  1. Everyone I’m connected with on Facebook I’m also connected with via some other means
  2. I only really syndicate my blog posts there
  3. I’ve never found it a happy place, for some reason

You can do what you want, of course. But my recommendation would be to not prop up a system that helps support fake news, surveillance capitalism, and the dismantling of the open web. Not to mention the horrors that some people I know have suffered from ‘catfishing’. Facebook doesn’t care and just steamrollers on.

Perhaps we need an ‘I left Facebook’ badge?

Image CC BY-SA Jorge Caballero Jiménez