Getting the wrong end of the stick about Open Education

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David Kernohan:

Open Education itself is a conspiracy, if you like. Evil publishers are profiting from the unequal distribution of information, where they do take steps to address this they are “openwashing”. They do this because they hate learning where a profit is not made. If we attain a critical mass, open education will replace the textbook publishing industry.

If you are sitting there thinking “who, us?”, ask yourself what information would falsify your belief in open education. What information would falsify your other beliefs?

I see what he’s getting at, but pace Kuhn’s classic, science involves belief systems, too. It’s not a question of Popperian falsifiability. What we actually need, and what Brexit, Trump, and the ‘post-factual landscape’ has played into, is for us to do a better job around collective ‘identity’.*

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*See this post for more by me on this, including bonus paragraphs on ambiguity!