GCHQ, frogs, inertia, and customer value

I’m not sure if it’s envy of talent going to GDS and other making-the-world-a-better-place digital teams like Co-op.digital, but GCHQ has released an ‘internal press release’ on GitHub called ‘Boiling Frogs’. It’s freely downloadable here.

I’ll confess to not having read all 60 pages in-depth, but two diagrams in particular jumped out at me.

I’m sure plenty of people recognise this situation. An organisation rests on its brand and, instead of focusing on customers, focuses on internal stuff. They get increasingly conservative until the crisis point comes and, they head towards the iceberg not being able to turn the ship around. 

This second diagram is something to always bear in mind. I’ve been listening to Seth Godin’s startup school from 2012 where he asserts that most people hire consultants to keep their boss happy. It’s certainly changed the way I think about the ‘value’ I provide. Sometimes it’s about making the person who hired you look good!