Fake news: US vs. China

Fake news

Just wondering out loud here. Why is it that, when China cracks down on outlets peddling ‘fake news’ we throw our arms up in the air and cry foul, but when we get an election result we don’t like, we think it’s OK for a giant multinational company (Facebook) that acts like a nation state to do so?


I haven’t got the time, experience, or inclination to do an analysis of why we’ve ended up putting people like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and Nigel Farage up on a pedestal. What I do know is that fake news and outright lies have definitely played a role. That’s why ‘post-truth’ is Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year. 

Perhaps it’s something to do with the utter capitulation of the traditional print media to the current ad-fuelled business model of the web? Instead of standing their ground and thinking of alternative ways to do things, they seem to have joined the rush to the bottom in terms of generating clicks and eyeballs. It’s all a bit depressing.

We can all do something about this. I’m going to spend my ‘black ops’ period in December thinking about how I can help bridge the gap between functional digital skills in schools, and computing education. There’s a gulf there, and things are getting worse in terms of online skills and media literacy, according to the latest Ofcom report.