Everything in its place: how to use verbs and iOS folders to improve productivity

I think I got this tip from Lifehacker a few years ago, but now I’m using it again having just bought an iPad with 128GB storage. 

Instead of having apps arranged arbitrarily or by the date of download, how about grouping them by what you do with with them? There’s other approaches to this on iOS – for example, you can swipe down and search for the app you want. However, I really dislike horizontal scrolling which you have to do with screens and screens of installed apps. This approach means I have a single home screen, which is a press of the physical hardware button away.

For those wondering, the bottom row would have been free space as I only need 15 folders at the moment. I took the opportunity to add four more of my most-used apps for easy access.

Update: Apparently words ending with an ‘ing’ are gerunds, not verbs. I learn something new every day. Many thanks to the gramma police on Twitter for that one…