Digital detox

Sam Altman quitting Twitter

I don’t follow Sam Altman, but this mini ‘tweetstorm’ was on the front page of Hacker News this morning. Inevitably — and ironically given his reasons for temporarily quitting Twitter — there’s been snarky comments:

Why is this newsworthy? It seems like the exact same points have been made hundreds of times.

Seems like if you’re done you should just be done.

The binaries we use (on/off, using/not using) drown out the shades of grey that make us human. We all need time to be different versions of ourselves.

For example, I take time off every year away from blogging, personal email, and social networks. I always take December off, and last year I took August off as well (instead of November). I’ll be doing the same this year, spending the majority of August under canvas with my family.