Cicero and Plato on appropriate leadership

I’m just going to leave this here this morning, from Cicero’s On Living and Dying Well:

In general, whoever is going to lead the state must adhere to two principles put forth by Plato: first, whatever the issue, protect the well-being of the citizenry by considering it to the exclusion of your own advantage; and second, look after the state as a whole rather than protecting one part at the expense of the rest. As with legal guardianship, so with governance of a republic: actions should benefit those being cared for, not those doing the caring. Moreover, to consider the needs of only some of the citizens is to neglect the rest and thereby invite the most harmful situation possible for the state, namely discord and sedition. This is how it has happened that so many adherents of the ‘popular’ and ‘conservative’ causes look after their own side, while few look after everyone.