Changing my avatar for 2016

The above image is the current avatar I use to represent myself on social media and beyond. It’s a ph”oto taken in 2013 by my wife while we were in the car, waiting for the ferry to take us from Gozo to can see the seatbelt in the background. I’m smiling so widely because my children in the back were doing something funny!

I like it, but I’ve aged since then, don’t wear hats so much, and people don’t generally recognise me offline from the online avatar. Consequently, between Christmas and New Year I had some headshots taken by Mandy Charlton, a local photographer I’ve followed on Twitter for a while.

If I was to replace my existing avatar with one of the ones below, which would you choose? Options A-C were taken by Mandy, while Option D is a cropped selfie taken by Graham Brown-Martin, taken when I met up with him recently. 

Comment below, or (if you’re quick!) vote in this Twitter poll: 

Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D

I’m very aware that writing a blog post and creating a Twitter poll about your avatar could be seen as a pretty egotistical thing to do. However, when I changed my avatar in January 2015, so many people complained I felt I had to change it back!