Burn-out happens faster for introverted teachers

To the extent that I believe in a two-dimensional introvert/extrovert continuum, this article in The Atlantic definitely rings true for me:

In the same article, Little explained how introverts can “act as extraverts” and adopt culturally scripted behavior traits (what he calls “free traits”) for limited amounts of time. But he warned that “protracted free-traited behavior may compromise emotional and physical health.” In other words, Little’s findings confirm that introverted teachers are at risk of burning out.

I’ve not come across the term ‘extravert’ before, and think it’s a potentially useful term (much like ‘ambivert’). I’m not sure, however, I agree that the ‘social learning’ approaches in the classroom are leading to more burnout for introverted teachers.

Definitely interesting comments on how much easier it is to be an introvert and teach in a university. I guess then you’re not ‘on stage’ for six one-hour lessons per day…