Abs(tin)ence makes the heart grow fonder

Banana bread

At the beginning of this month, after successfully abstaining from caffeine and alcohol for the whole of May, I announced I was swearing off sugar for June. This post is an admission of failure: two weeks in and I’m back on it.

Why? Well, I’ve felt worse and worse over the past week, to the point that I seemed tired all of the time. I’ve twice almost fainted at the gym this week, and twice slept for 11 hours at a time! Most of the other nights were filled with sleepwalking and strange dreams. Coincidence, perhaps, but this afternoon, I quit my sugar detox. 

What does this tell me about myself? I’d like to think that I’m a pragmatist; I’m willing to experiment, but not the detriment of my productivity and mental health. The chocolate-chip banana bread and coffee I had at about 3pm this afternoon was like manna from heaven. Seriously. 

Image CC BY-NC-ND etringita