The problem with the Big Four

 Can anything curb the dominance of the internet's big guns?

Cory Doctorow writes in The Guardian about the dominance of a handful of companies in the tech landscape:

The capital requirements for starting a competitor to the internet giants, from Facebook to Google to Apple, are so intense that they effectively only compete with each other. I dearly love the privacy-oriented search engine DuckDuckGo, but the only really big competitor to Google’s search product is Microsoft’s Bing: not a spunky startup, but a blue-chip company that was until recently the most profitable in the history of the world.

They’ve got a de facto monopoly on the digital world we all inhabit:

The internet companies bargain hard to ensure that the new rules will not destroy their business, and the regulators and spies meet them there – it’s inconceivable that a regulator would tell Google that it must change its search business so fundamentally that it had to go out of business altogether.

Too big to fail? Where have we heard that before?