Is it futile to un-Google? | Tasos Sangiotis

Sangiotis, who knows his technology and privacy settings, comes to the conclusion that the only way you can make things truly private is to take them offline.

For me, this calendar is the killer:

The thing is that all these things make us more productive and they are very convenient. They provide the things we are most pumped about. Automation, collaboration and convenience. I can work on documents collaboratively with Google Docs and as I travel a lot I can easily work remotely with Dropbox and Drive. Using my location to tell me when I should leave accounting, transit time and traffic data to be on time for my next calendar event is awesome. Spotify analysing my music preferences and giving me something new to enjoy once a week is not that bad. There are many benefits in using these technologies to ignore them.

We (me included) sacrifice privacy and security at the altar of convenience.