I’m kind of sick of Twitter

I’ve just been having a conversation on Sublevel (a very small social network I’ve recently gone back to) about Twitter and where we choose to publish things.

I know, very meta.

When I get to the bottom of this post I’ve got the option of sending this to Twitter and/or Facebook. I’ll tick neither. That’s because there’s times I need to get things off my chest and ‘out there’, but without necessarily broadcasting it in a way that brings people’s attention to it immediately.

This morning I had a very small spat with a guy who’s on the fringes of my network. I’ve never followed him, but he’s built up quite an audience on Twitter. As I often do on social networks, I added (what I thought) was a little levity into an exchange between a few people. Of course, it was taken out of context and quickly escalated.

I’ve developed reasonably thick skin when it comes to these things. But that doesn’t stop me from blocking people who add no value to my life. I’ve a moderate following on Twitter (12.3k) but on some days I see that less as an advantage and more of a burden. I know, first world problems, right?

The real value I find in strong connections with people who share similar values to me. Some call that living in an echo chamber. I just call it human nature.