Hacking a Media Text, University of Otago, New Zealand

Great idea, and includes a ‘Hackpack’ for doing something similar.

Inspired by the CC blog about Finnish mathematicians writing a high school textbook in a weekend, we intend to hack our own open introductory media studies text for first-year university students, specifically those working within a cultural-studies framework. In this discipline, texts at this level tend to be US-centric, especially their examples and case studies, and tend to neglect the mass-communication and cultural studies approaches, ideas, issues and theories that form the core of many programs in the Australiasian region. Moreover, they are often prohibitively expensive for students.

The plan for this project, supported by a grant from Creative Commons, is to bring together a small number of institutions with a strong communications/media studies undergraduate program to hack together the core of an introductory textbook that will be made available under a CC license in a digital repository. The goal is to produce not only the core of a rigourous and useful text, but also to document and evaluate the process, and create a framework that it can be replicated and developed in later texthack projects.