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Twitter favourites as a communicative practice:

Tweet chains can go on for a long time. It’s a logistical problem that people solve many ways. Sometimes people suggest to everyone in a chain that it be rebooted with a new tweet. There’s even a language for this, i.e. the tweet canoe. That’s when there are more usernames in the tweet than content and it’s become too crowded to continue. One way to end a tweet chain that is particularly meaningful to you but that seems to have reached a natural conclusion is to “fave” or click the star on the last issued tweet. It says “I heard you but I think we both agree that we are done here.” It’s digital manners and it is not always trivial. If you use Twitter in any professional capacity, it can be a big deal nicety. I’m an academic. We’re a clannish lot that loves hierarchies and rules. Faving an academic who is a bigger deal than you are is like deferring to them in a conference meeting. It’s stupid. It is also a big deal. Lots of stupid things are that way.