Edit your damn profile

Medium is the latest (kind-of) social network that people are joining en-masse. So every day I wake up to notifications that people have started following me. Great!

The question I then face is who should I follow back? Sometimes it’s easy because I know the person who’s followed me — either offline from events, online through other social networks, or both.

But if I don’t know someone, all I’ve got to go off is their profile. I don’t particularly care what people look like or what their name is. What I’m really interested in is what they do. How would following them add value to my life?

If you sign into Medium using Twitter, it pulls in your bio from there. I’m not sure about Facebook. Either way, you should ensure you have a short description of who you are and what you do.

Otherwise, what context is there for people making a decision as to whether you’re worth following?

Here’s what to do. It’s easy:

Edit your damn profile

There you go. Now you have no excuse. Get on it! 🙂