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Colin Wright articulates in this post something I’ve been trying to out into words for ages. It explains, for me, why people who go to private schools do better – not because they’re better educated, but because their expectations are higher:

Rather than trying to raise our baselines, then, it’s perhaps a good idea to focus on keeping our baselines low so that we don’t limit ourselves. Figure out how to be satisfied with little, so that we might be even happier when we have more.

We set baselines for our professional status, our relationships, how and what we create, real estate, our dietary habits, the technology we use, and the clothing we wear. Deciding that our happiness is tethered to owning the right kind of gadget or eating at the right restaurant is just as debilitating as deciding we need to make a million dollars to be fulfilled; it sets a baseline that we cannot dip below without being miserable.

Take the time to be happy, regardless of your circumstances.

Once you’ve got that, all of life’s pleasures, life’s wonderful additions, become icing on an already amazing cake.