17 rummage box links

Image CC BY-NC-SA Michael Coghlan

I’m going on holiday tomorrow. So, other than trying to cram these links into the TIDE podcast episode I’m recording with guest co-host Oliver Quinlan tonight, I can’t do anything with them in the near future.

Instead, I’ll dump them here. Consider it akin to a ‘rummage box’ at your favourite bookstore, but one in which you’re guaranteed to find a diamond in the rough. They’re in no particular order:

  1. Write like you talk
  2. How Salad Can Make Us Fat
  3. Why I Ditched Evernote for Apple Notes—and How You Can, Too
  4. Samsung has created a new flexible battery that can make your smartwatch last longer
  5. This Is the Battle Over Policing the Deep Web
  6. Superfeedr
  7. Drake Disco
  8. Introducing Twitter Polls
  9. Amazon’s $50 Fire tablet reviewed: Surprisingly, it doesn’t suck
  10. Austerity was a political choice. Now it’s starting to look like a bad one
  11. The 50 Most Popular MOOCs of All Time
  12. ‘They show up every day and do the work’
  13. Facebook Meets Skepticism in Bid to Expand Internet in India
  14. Comprehensive school system ‘better and fairer’
  15. Our Skin Is Covered With Invisible Stripes
  16. The World’s Most Beautiful Library Is In Prague, Czech Republic
  17. Alternate Realities

Hope you found something you liked! 🙂

Image adapted from an original CC BY-NC-SA Michael Coghlan