Patreon balance of payments 

I came back from holiday to the news that I had a couple more people supporting Thought Shrapnel on Patreon. As a US-based company, all of the transactions in Patreon happen in US dollars. Right now, I’ve got 43 patrons backing Thought Shrapnel to the tune of $100/month.

That’s great, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support of the 3% of subscribers who have become supporters. I’d obviously like that number to be higher, but that isn’t what this post is about.

A couple of days ago, one of the people that I back on Patreon expressed concern that they didn’t have much work booked for the next six months. I realised I was backing them for the minimum amount ($1) so promptly increased my support. In turn, that caused me to review how much I’m supporting in total via Patreon and elsewhere.

I’ve been backing one organisation, four women, and six men on Patreon to the value of $25.40/month:

I also support the following organisations monthly, over and above our family’s charitable giving and media subscriptions:

There may be others I’ve forgotten as I can’t login to my online banking right now, but that makes a total of $44.40/month.

I’ve just updated that so that I’m:

  • Backing everyone on Patreon to the value of $3 or more per month ($36/month)
  • Subscribed to Stowe Boyd’s Work Futures Institute daily emails ($5/month)
  • Supporting Stephen Downes’ OLDaily ($36 i.e. $3/month)

That takes us up to the equivalent of $60/month. I’ll also be supporting Documentally when he gets the new version of his newsletter set up. Given that I’m currently employed four days a week on a reasonable salary, that seems like a dcent balance of people supporting me to those whom I’m supporting.

I’m all too aware that there’s a gender imbalance in the above. I tried using Patreon’s find a creator service which connects your social media accounts to see who you follow who’s also on Patreon. I’m not sure why, but it didn’t work and I just ended up staring at a spinning circle. So I’m on the lookout for women creating awesome things that I find useful and can support financially.