In what ways does the web and new technology make you feel optimistic and hopeful about the future? 

Offscreen Dispatch

In the [latest issue]( of the wonderful Offscreen Dispatch newsletter, readers are asked the above question. Click through to [the form]( which collects responses, there a few follow-up questions:

*Are there specific technologies or developments that make you optimistic? If so which ones and why? Can you already see these development having a positive effect?*

Responses are supposed to be under 220 characters! I guess they want a wide range of snippets for the next print magazine.

It’s a tough one. In fact, most of the answers I gave in a research interview for the [Innovation Unit]( yesterday focused on how royally shafted we are right now. Dai and I discussed some of the reasons for this in the [latest episode of our podcast]( last night.

OK, so positives? Here goes (in <220 characters):   > I’m particularly optimistic about the rise of [platform co-operativism]( as an alternative to platform capitalism. There’s a groundswell of people looking for alternative ways of working together for the good of society.

There we go. I’ve submitted mine. What would *you* say?