Healthy breakfasts for children 

yogurt fruit popsicles

I think it was the sight of two huge vats of peanut butter arriving in our Amazon Pantry order that I made me think we should consider mixing up our kids’ breakfasts. The ‘default’ option that we go for, whether in terms of food or leisure activities, can have a huge bearing on our health.

So I had a quick look along with our two children: Ben, our son, is 10 and our daughter, Grace, is 6.

NHS Choices – Healthy breakfasts (for people who hate breakfast) – this isn’t particularly kid-focused, but had some stuff they were interested in:

  • Scrambled eggs (Ben)
  • Green smoothie (Ben)
  • Grab and go breakfast bar (Ben and Grace)

BuzzFeed: 23 Healthy And Easy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love  – BuzzFeed do listicles well, and this was no exception. There was plenty on the list that floated their boat:

  • Breakfast popsicles (Ben and Grace)
  • Egg in a pepper (Ben)
  • One-minute blueberry citrus shake (Ben and Grace)
  • Fruity breakfast parfaits (Ben and Grace)
  • Almond butter and banana open sandwich (Ben and Grace)
  • Overnight oats with strawberries and chia seeds (Ben and Grace)
  • Blueberry pie oatmeal (Ben)
  • Mango and berry swirl (Ben and Grace)
  • Easy peanut and banana roll (Ben and Grace)
  • Vegan chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie (Ben and Grace)

Eats Amazing: 15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids – a smaller selection, but this one prompted them to want to start freezing fruit and yogurt right away!

  • Frozen yogurt bites (Ben and Grace)
  • Fruit salad (Ben and Grace)
  • Frozen banana bites (Ben and Grace)

EatingWell: Easy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School – most of these seemed to be pretty standard things decorated to look like animals, but there was one that stood out:

  • Bagel gone bananas (Ben)

Super Healthy Kids: Breakfast – I’m pretty sure there’s some things in here that aren’t ‘super healthy’ (carrot cake french toast sticks?!) but there’s a wealth of recipes. So many, in fact, that we decided to come back to them later.