Why teachers quit

There's an article in The Atlantic about the reasons teachers quit, featuring this quotation from a U.S. History teacher:

"I realized that most older men I taught with eventually felt pressured to advance into higher-level administration as their careers progressed in order to better support their family,” he said. “What many of them working in high-need schools told me, however, was that being successful at school directly conflicted with being successful husbands and fathers. While this is certainly true of any occupation, most occupations don't leave your children asking you, ‘Why do you go to more basketball games of the kids at school than mine?’"

This is why you see so few male teachers in Primary schools: there's not enough senior management jobs and not enough status as a 'mere' classroom teacher. There are exceptions, of course.

Meanwhile, in Secondary, it's an arms race and (again) although there's spectacular and noticeable exceptions, it's those willing to sacrifice time with their family who tend to have more 'successful' careers.

It's quite understandable that some seek to 'get out'. It's just a shame that doing tends to be couched in 'failure'.

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