Fulfilled by Amazon: the fastest path to a minimalist lifestyle?

Ben Guild hit the front page of Hacker News yesterday with this post about sending everything you no longer want/need to Amazon for them to sell on your behalf:

If I'm considering getting rid of anything of any value what-so-ever, I try to send it to Amazon for sale and storage instead. If there's anything that I don't need, I opt for keeping my local “inventory” light and getting the value out of it now rather than dealing with it later. Let Amazon store and sell it for you! — If you ever need it again later, then buy it again. Be liquid + mobile, not sitting on a home full of “maybes”.

This is a great idea. It removes the hassle of dealing with each seller individually and taking photos for eBay, etc. It also means you can decltter your house as soon as you decide to sell things, rather when they're actually sold.

I wondered whether Amazon Fulfillment for non-business sellers was a US-only thing, but it looks like Amazon offer it in Europe too. You just have to register as a private seller to avoid monthly fees.

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