Films to tear a hole in reality

One of the benefits of setting my tweets to auto-delete every so often is that I’m forced to document interesting threads which I begin. After a great response to my books thread (saved here for posterity) last night I asked:

Introducing our 13 year-old son to ‘The Matrix’ (1999) for the first time.

Next week, perhaps ‘The Truman Show’ (1998)?

Wondering what other films I can show him to tear a hole in his reality. Suggestions welcome!

Most of the responses were fantastic, although a few strayed into just ‘favourite films’ territory. So what follows is a lightly edited version of the list, with links to both IMDB and (where available) Common Sense Media recommended age ratings:

Although there’s no way I’d show it to children, the epic Magnolia (1999) remains one of my favourite films. Also, anything by Jean-Pierre Jeunet is usually refreshingly weird. You could also try out MUBI for obscure films that will change your view of reality.

Oh, and to get hold of all of the above, definitely don’t click here.