Start of Lent: no sugar or alcohol

Let’s see how long I can manage avoiding refined sugar and alcohol. The aim is to get to Easter.

I need to do something as this winter I’ve got out of shape 🙁

Sharing the following from my Xiaomi smart scales as a public kick up my own backside…

I’ll be using Loop Habit Tracker to mark my progress. The annoying thing at the moment is that I have to wear my glasses for a week due to Blepharitis.

While I could still run and go to the gym wearing them, I’m too self-conscious to do so. Swimming isn’t an option either due to the risk of secondary infection to my eye.

As ever, it’s much easier (and tastier!) putting on weight than taking it off. But I can totally do this. I’m ultimately aiming for 13 stone / 82.5kg, and would be happy if I got down to 13.5 stone / 85.5kg after these 40 days of Lent!