My home office setup

Like many organisations, Moodle is now a fully-remote organisation because of the pandemic. I’ve been working from home for eight years now, so have a reasonably-established setup.

We’ve been encouraged to share what our home working looks like, so I posted the following to the Moodle HQ forum…


Doug's home office

Here’s my home office! This is the reverse of what you see out of my webcam. It’s a converted garage (not by us) painted in mental health green. My house is over the shared back lane and you can just see it through the window. The side window is our next door neighbour’s garage.

The quotation above my sit/stand desk (it’s motorised) is from Albert Camus and is one of my favourites. The back of my door features Moodle HQ’s internal communication principles, a quote from Kierkegaard, tips on living an antifragile life, and Inappropriate Guidelines for Unacceptable Behaviour. The illustration by the window is by an artist I follow on Mastodon. I bought it after ‘Inktober’ 2018 and it shows a man sitting thinking at the entrance to a cave as the rain comes down.

Underneath my desk in the box is a home server and UPS. On top of it is a scanner/printer. The white box to the right of my main monitor is a satellite of our home mesh network. Depending on my mood, the vertical monitor either displays the news via newsmap.js or vertical videos of soothing scenes (as shown here).

The SAD light to the left of the vertical monitor I can probably put away now it’s spring, but I find it invaluable for my reluctantly-acknowledged seasonal affective disorder. I also take Vitamin D tablets. Above that is a mobile of some Japanese cranes my sister gave me over 20 years ago!

Other than that, there’s some stones from beaches and mountains around the world on the shelves, as well as books, books, and more books. The cardboard box contains one of every different type of Nakd bars, as I’ve been trying to eat less refined sugar. On the window sill is a Sony soundbar, with a separate subwoofer. I bluetooth music from my phone (either via Spotify or

Out of shot, to the right, is a chair that I sit to read things in. I also use Magic Whiteboard paper on the walls to quickly sketch out ideas. There’s also a 3D printer right in the back corner (kind of behind you to the left as you’re looking at the photo above)