Drexler-Sibbert Team Performance Model

Every now and then I pick a book off the shelves in my home office and have a quick flick through it. My brain was subconsciously looking for something and I just need to feed it random inputs until it’s satisfied. Serendipity is a powerful thing.

Today, it was The Decision Book, and the Drexler-Sibbert Team Performance Model jumped out at me.

Drexler-Sibbert Team Performance Model

It’s conceptualised as a bouncing ball, with the downward motion being about development and creating the team, and the upward bounce being about performance and sustaining the team.

I need to dig into this a bit more, but I found the descriptions about what each stage looks like from both a positive and negative point of view really useful. That is to say, if a team member is having issues, then the type of issues neatly map on to them being at a particular stage.

This diagnostic approach applies to the whole team, as well as individual members. Especially with new members to the team. It’s easy to forget they lack the context and previous input that the other members have experience/enjoyed.