Inappropriate Guidelines for Unacceptable Behaviour

Update: thanks to some nudging by Laura, you can now find the PDF for this here.

Last year, Laura Hilliger shared with me something created by Dancing Fox, that I can no longer find online — not even on the Wayback Machine. Entitled Inappropriate Guidelines for Unacceptable Behaviour, it’s a hugely uplifting manifesto for life and work.

As you can see from the above photo, it was released under a CC BY-NC-SA license, so I’m reproducing it below.

  1. Whatever you do, make it awesome. If it’s not awesome, crumple it up. Start again. Your best work should scare you.
  2. Inspire courage by being courageous.
  3. Be remarkable. To be remarkable, you have to create things and behave in ways that will be remarked upon. This seldom happens in your comfort zone. It’s seldom done by repeating yourself.
  4. Be human or be ignored. You’re not a cog. This is not a machine. Don’t try to sound grown up, or professional, or respectable. You’re out to change the world. Be passionae. Wild. Crazy. Disruptive.
  5. Stand for something bigger.
  6. Ask of every transaction, how can I make this kinder?
  7. Challenge conformity. Challenge authority. True leadership will empower you to break the rules.
  8. Speak the truth. Even when your voice shakes.
  9. Prove, every day, that a better world is possible. That you can’t sink a rainbow.
  10. When in despair, remember two things: Big ships turn slowly. And big change always looks impossible when you start, and inevitable when you finish.

Great stuff.