Do we have a problem with 'evidence' in education?

I was alerted this week to a comment on a Google Doc I’d created earlier this year. It was draft post for [DML Central]( in which I tried to make subtle point about the problem with ‘evidence’ in education. However, as was pointed out by some people, it came at an awkward time, with Trump’s inauguration, etc.

The quotation below gives a taste of it. I’m happy to have a link to it from my own site:

> Saying that ‘evidence’ (and I’ll continue to use it in scare quotes) is the best thing upon which to base decisions is exactly the same neoliberal narrative that Silicon Valley companies use when they say they’re trusting algorithms based on data. There’s an appeal here to a manufactured, ersatz objectivity that attempts to short-circuit all forms of debate and discussion. After all, no-one wants to be accused of ‘prejudice’. The idol has been fashioned, now we must all bow down to it.

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