Supplementing the breakfast smoothie

Green tea smoothie

This is mainly for my own benefit, in case I get out of the routine/habit and want to re-create what I’m currently imbibing every morning:

Three more things to note:

  1. I’m taking one capsule of L-Theanine along with this smoothie, as it combines with the caffeine to provide brain-boosting effects. There’s a research base for this.
  2. I’m also drinking a glass of beetroot juice (500ml water + 2 teaspoons of powder) before exercise.
  3. After exercise, I’m drinking a glass of Complete Greens. I had the ‘original’ flavour which tasted like drinking grass, but the peach and mango flavour should be arriving today…

Finally, the books to read around all of this are Fitness for Geeks and The 4-Hour Body. I’m using a Sony Smartband SWR30 with the Lifelog app to track my steps and sleep, while I’ve already blogged about how the vibrating notifications on the previous model I owned led to notification nirvana!

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