Reducing the price of my digital literacies ebook

I’ve scheduled the announcement of this on my main blog for tomorrow morning, but I’ve actually already reduced the price of my ebook on digital literacies to £1.99. Since publishing it 18 months ago, I’ve steadily reduced its price every six months.

In June 2016, I’ll give the book a pay-what-you-like price as, by that point, I’m expecting around 1,000 people will have bought it. As I pointed out at the start of last year, the point of adding a price to the book was to motivate me to finish it, not to make a profit. The Creative Commons license means that if you know someone who’s bought it, they can quite legitimately send you a copy free of charge.

I should write another book on digital literacies, I know I should. I’ll probably self-publish again after having a book proposal on web literacy knocked back by MIT Press. I’m wel aware that there’s great examples of Stephen King, JK Rowling, etc. being knocked back tens of times by publishers, but I just want to get my work out there. If it’s good enough, it’ll find an audience.

However, in terms of content, I’m more interested right now in writing something about ambiguity than I am about writing more about digital literacies. I purchased the domain last week and I’ll be adding my thoughts throughout 2016. As I said in my first (and, so far, only) presentation on the topic, I feel that a good understanding of different types of ambiguity is a good defence against the riding tide of technocracy.