Never mind #Brexit, let’s get rid of our royal family

The past six years of Tory government in the UK has really irritated me. They stand for everything that I loathe: the self-interest an 'elite' Old Boys' network co-ordinating attacks on the poor and most vulnerable in our society under the banner of 'austerity'. However, I suppose that, using the First Past The Post system we've got in England, they were at least democratically elected.

Next week, the UK votes in the EU Referendum. I've already cast my postal vote in favour of remaining in the EU as, to me, the benefits of co-operation couldn't be clearer. Even the fibre broadband connection that allows me to post this is because of EU investment. Without it, we'd be on the equivalent of dial-up.

If we really want to get rid of unaccountable, outdated, reactionary bureaucracy that is holding this country back, then let's get rid of our royal family. Without being ultra-nationalist, I support and am proud of my country, but find singing our national anthem problematic. I don't want Elizabeth Windsor to be victorious, and I certainly don't want her, or any member of her family, to 'reign over us'.

The best excuses people seem to give for the royal family to be left alone is that they're 'good for tourism' or that 'there's just something comforting about having them'. Well, here's a blanket, and let's put on more events like London 2012. Never mind feuds from Eton spilling out into potential economy-sabotaging decisions. Let's get rid of the royal family, get a written constitution, reform the voting system to proportional representation, stay in the EU, and have more democracy, not less.