Loomio Co-op Handbook

John Bevan, former Mozilla colleague and co-founder of our co-operative, We Are Open, shared the Loomio Co-op Handbook earlier today.

It includes the above tools, which are pretty much exactly what we’ve settled on, independently! The whole guide is great, but I particularly liked this section:

Working at Loomio is probably a bit different to other places. We’re a decentralised organisation with a very dynamic structure and no explicit chain-of-command. This only works by operating in a high-communication environment.

Because all contributors have access to pretty much everything, anyone can share their insights and expertise. By swimming in information, we maximise our collective intelligence. Sometimes that high volume of information can be overwhelming and it starts to feel more like drowning than swimming.

We’re continuously improving our systems to strike the right balance and serve diverse needs. There’s a lot of DIY. We’re making it up as we go along. You’re at least as smart as anyone else here, so if you’ve got something you want to offer don’t wait for permission – just get started and pitch in, preferably with a friend to help 🙂

Well worth checking out, even if you’re currently shackled to an email-and-meetings culture!