Learning JS for realz

I’ve been meaning to learn JavaScript for the last five years. I really had no excuse while working for Mozilla, especially during my ‘Black Ops’ periods at the end of each year. Oh well, this is what 27 years in formal education does to you…

Today, while working with one of my clients, someone I was talking to mentioned New Years Resolutions. They’re something I rarely make anymore – I’d rather think about where I’m going to focus my time and attention during the coming year. Nevertheless, it reminded me that I had thought about being more intentional about what I do during the evening I spend by myself when working in London every week.

So, tonight being one of those evenings in London, I decided to start learning JavaScript. I’m pretty much an absolute beginner. So, of course, I got in touch with Paul Lewis (@aerotwist), a friend who works at Google at the cutting edge of web development.