A better way to choose your Linux distribution

Linux Distribution Chooser

If you asked me what my ‘main’ computing machine was, I’d say it was my IBM Thinkpad X220 laptop with the latest version of Elementary OS installed on it. Yes, I’ve got a Chromebook Pixel, a Mac Mini, and an iPad Mini with a keyboard, but that’s the machine I consider my ‘workhorse’.

It’s taken a while to get to this point. I first tried Linux as a 16 year-old in 1997, purchasing a book for about £30 that had several CD-ROMs in the back. I’ve dabbled on and off since then, but it’s only now that most of my stuff is web-based that, actually, my choice of operating system isn’t hampered by proprietary silos. 

You’re probably in the same position. If you’ve never considered using Linux, you’ll be surprised by how good-looking, stable, and user-friendly it can be. It comes in many different flavours (or ‘distributions’) and this Linux Distribution Chooser does a good job of sorting out which is best for you. I answered the questions honestly and straightforwardly in about a minute, and it came out with Elementary OS!