My new dual-screen Linux setup

Just before Christmas I gave my wife my MacBook Pro; we’re going to sell her MacBook Air this week. I’ve migrated to a Lenovo Thinkpad X220 which I’m using at home with a wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as a Dell 24″ monitor. You can see the X220’s built-in screen on the left of the screenshot above, and the external monitor on the right.

What I like abut this setup is that the X220 has a docking station that I picked up cheaply via eBay. That means that when I come into my home office, all I have to do is drop the laptop into the docking station, and I’m straight to work on the equivalent of a dual-screen desktop setup.

For those interested, I’m running ElementaryOS. The screen on the left shows Firefox with a number of extensions installed (including Tree Style Tab). On the right I’ve got Thunderbird with the Lightning calendar extension.

What probably doesn’t show up in the screenshot is that I’m running Redshift. This alters the screen temperature over the course of the day in an even better way than f.lux did on my Mac. Along with the black themes for Firefox and Thunderbird, this helps alleviate my photophobia.

Oh, and the book in the Firefox window is The Pirate Book, which I’ve just found via Hacker News and sent to my Kindle to read.